New Choos

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Last week, I watched the Sex And The City movie again from the comfort of my bed as Mark intermittently snored, grunted and groaned beside me. It never has a positive effect on my bank balance. I’ve also just finished reading Lipstick Jungle, so I have to be excused for going on a bit of a bender thereafter.

It’s working so close to the shops, basically. I could nibble a Ryvita at my desk, or I could go a stroll around the shops and buy an M&S sandwich…or shiny things.

I bought a gorgeous pillar-box red patent Fiorelli clutch, especially for Valentines Day, and immediately realised it simply wouldn’t work without matching patent slingbacks.

Then on Saturday, I discovered a shoe-shop in Lichfield and bought an unusual pair of black-and-red patent sandals with really interesting wedge/kitten combi heels that are somehow really comfy yet cool.

But on Sunday, aaah on Sunday, I bought the most beautiful things I’ve ever purchased, with the arguable exception of my car. So special that I have had to pledge to myself to wear them for my wedding to justify such a purchase. They are purple jewelled Jimmy Choos and when the assistant misheard my ‘Size 40’ for ‘Size 4’ and bought me a pair I couldn’t cram my feet into, I almost dissolved into sobs of disappointment. Imagine my joy when I realised.

New Choos!

New Choos!

They’re now nestled in tissue paper in their box in the bottom of one of my mum’s wardrobes away from my covetous and undisciplined self.

There are only two problems with this. Firstly, I don’t actually get married until June 2010, and secondly, and more urgently, my unwavering discipline in resisting the matching handbag has now wavered…


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