Grand Designs

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2009 at 3:31 pm

Sounds like I am five days away from having a beautifully renovated house.  It’s been a long time coming: two years since I contacted the insurance company (and paid the excess) to replace a ceiling damaged by a flood. 24 months later, I am close to unveiling not only a new ceiling but a new bathroom, in the hope that when we finally come out of the other side of the recession (when will that be? 2018 maybe?) I will have managed to add value to my property.

It has brought out the Laurence Llewellyn Bowen in me though. I keep forgetting that I am not actually living there and that this is for the benefit of tenants; and as a consequence, I’m choosing ridiculously overpriced things, then having to be reined back in…if I wasn’t, the floor would be black granite with fragments of glitter, and the walls would feature a glass mosaic. The rest of the house has been ‘neutralized’. My flamboyant and beautiful rasberry ice-cream bedroom, replete with chandelier, is now cappuccino and cream (though it is still replete with chandelier), but the walk in wardrobe and shoe-cupboard still captivates viewers.





I was thrilled to bits on Friday when my agent (the very brilliant Andy Hart at Bergason, Sutton Coldfield – if you have a property to let, I can’t recommend them enough) told me that despite having seen the house in its current state of disrepair – ie. plaster-coated kitchen walls and ceiling, bathroom devoid of tiles and indeed bath, shower, toilet or basin – a tenant was desperate to move in. You see, there’s no substitute for people who can recognise potential. I bet they’d have gone for the pink bedroom too.

I still miss it, and come Friday, there will be a serious tug-o-war of the emotions going on.

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