Friday 13th

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2009 at 11:54 am

This week has been hell on fiery wheels. Every time I think I’m over the worst, something else happens to kick me in the teeth. The bathroom is STILL not ready. The fact it should’ve been finished by the end of February is neither here nor there, apparently, I’m not owed any explanation as to why it’s taken so long. I am expecting a new wing to the house, the time it’s taken.

I’ve had all kinds of greivances this week, I can’t even start to get into them. I failed to see my friend Zoe before she left to head back to Sydney, so I’m disappointed at that, and I am nowhere near out of the woods with everything else.  I thought March was going to be a good month after the debacle that was January and February, but apparently not.

I’m going to my mum’s tonight for a comforting roast dinner and a grumble. There are times that only those home comforts will do, and this is one.

Roll on 5.30pm………….


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