O willpower, wherefore art thou?

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2009 at 10:47 am

Confession time.

I’ve not updated on my diet in weeks because I am ashamed. I have turned into that thing that lives in a dustbin in Sesame Street and eats whatever crap is hurled its way.

I am sure I fit the description of a binge-eater without actually having an eating disorder. I’ll start as I mean to go on, with nutritious seeds and grains for breakfast and masses of fruit, but at some point in the day; usually around 9.04am, it all goes wrong and I get more cravings than a pregnant recovering addict.

People laughed at the orange food plan, but that was a damn sight healthier than the diet I’ve adapted to of late:

Friday: Frantically busy all day. 3 cans Coke Zero, slice of cake as someone’s birthday. Visited friend (and baby), had a chicken korma with rice.

Could do better.

Saturday: Gym session (negates all food eaten for rest of day), followed by mid afternoon mini pork pie and Laughing Cow cheese triangle, then talked into my first Chinese in a year – sweet & sour chicken and prawns, noodles.

Am sure calories eaten trounced calories burned off.

Sunday: Another gym workout. Hurrah. 3 glasses wine, seabass fillets, leeks, baby potatoes & unidentified green vegetable in a lemon and chervil sauce. Oh, and half a Dairy Milk Turkish Delight bar.

Would be passable if I hadn’t glugged the wine and chocolate.

Monday: tuna sandwich, crisps, 3 cans coke zero, a gym workout – standing ovation please – wholemeal pasta with meatballs, mushrooms & peppers, slice of chocolate birthday cake.

Was boyfriend’s birthdaythe following day – is allowed.

Tuesday: Boyfriend’s actual birthday. Jacket potato with beans and cheese at client lunch, then my efforts to have a salad at a restaurant scuppered by outrageous waiting time, forced to once more eat a curry (I’m not actually mad about them). Prawn tikka massala, 1/2 portion of rice and some naan, here we come. One the plus side, too full for cake. Once more, managed an hour in the gym so full credit due for that.

Wednesday: Still celebrating birthday…3 cans coke zero, tuna sandwich, prawn cocktail crisps. Then out to dinner at 1709 brasserie – tucked into mussels followed by spinach & goats cheese risotto, then creme brulee.

Made me feel a little ill during the night – poss the mussels. So all I can think about now is a bacon sandwich, though I have resisted. But I am starving. Tonight we head down to Devon to see the boyfriend’s family, where we will no doubt eat our bodyweight twice over as Elizabeth makes such delicious cakes and prepares such gorgeous feasts, and I won’t be hitting the gym until Tuesday.

Which gives me ONE WEEK to lose ONE STONE before I head off on my cruise – odds: slim.

I saw a stunning dress in Monsoon today and realised that if I hadn’t shelled out so much on eating out in the past week, I could have afforded it, and looked better in it than I would with my little food baby in tow.


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