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Jingle all the way

In Christmas on December 10, 2009 at 10:13 am

It’s just two weeks until Christmas Eve and I am concerned that I have lost some of the festive cheer that I am usually brimming over with. I think possibly stress and sheer bad humour have transformed me into the Grinch, so I’ve had a word with myself and am under orders to pull myself together and start being festive.

My housemate Mark and I had a Christmas party on Saturday night, complete with Mincer Pies, Slade and holly, and I did embrace the festive spirit (gin, mainly) quite fervently for a while, but I’ve slumped again. Indeed, I was actually sat on the sitting room floor wrapping presents on Tuesday night and ranting about how much effort it involved to wrap, tie ribbons and write imaginative messages on the tags. What a misery. usually I’m dripping in metallic ribbon and loving the build-up.

Last night, I think, marked the beginning of festive Faith. I met Jeremy and Beki for drinks and gossip at the Plough & harrow- and enjoyed the misteltoe, the roaring fires and the Xmas Atmos, and got home to discover Mark had unpacked all of the tree decorations in readiness for collecting the Blue Spruce tonight. I won’t be allowed to decorate it, oh no, he is far to fastidious to allow me to help, but I’ll be allowed to watch and offer advice (which will be disregarded.)¬† And this weekend with my family should be a failsafe way to come away singing carols and distributing glad tidings.

The girls in the office have agreed that the day we break up, we’ll bring in buffet treats and sparkling wine to toast the season, much like we brought lego to school and watched Never Ending Story on the last day of term, and my gal-pals and I shall be meeting early on Christmas Eve and enjoying a champagne brunch and taking some time away from children and pets (and in my case, things) to spend some quality time together before the families descend.

Christmas comes but once a year, and I’m determined to make sure I enjoy it every bit as much as I always did, however much I feel tired, stressed and bad tempered. I mean, Santa Claus manages to be jolly, and his December makes mine look like a walk in the park.

Merry Christmas!