Being flash with my cash

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2010 at 5:52 pm

I had an almighty shock last night. I’ve been planning a rather lovely weekend of fine food, sighing in delight over Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, shoe-shopping and a style-makeover. So when I went to the cash-point to get some money (obviously, why else would I be there?) I was astonished to discover I was overdrawn.

I’ve not been overdrawn in a very long time, and I am fairly certain I will have resembled a cartoon character with a massive over-reaction of jaw-dropping, eye-popping and head-shaking. Immediately I hit my iPhone to log on to my account and find out what oversight had caused this. I was greeted with a scarlet message prohibiting me from accessing my details.

The next two hours were spent in an increasing state of fury and frustration, desperately trying to speak to a member of the customer services team at Lloyds TSB. In all, I spent 47 minutes on hold, and was cut off by seven different advisors so that I had to call back, each time, all the more annoyed.

Eventually a very sympathetic lady in Glasgow apologised and promised not to put me on hold while she carried out extensive research and informed me that, yes, some bastard had managed to access my online bank account and transfer £3,000, and then realised – hold on,  that there was more money available, and – get this – put it back and then transferred everything to their account in one fell swoop. Outrageous.

Happily, Lloyds TSB suspected that these transactions were suspicious and put a block on my account in case my shady thief decided to help themself to any more of my hard earned cash, but I shan’t get my funds back til next week. Fortunately I have an understanding boss and parents who are well used to the fact that they’ll be bailing me out until I’m 70.

Nevertheless, it highlights one glaringly obvious fact: You may as well spend all your money, because if you don’t, some git will steal it.

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