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Desert Island DVDs

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Desert Island DVDs

Notwithstanding the technical impossibilities presented by not having the means to watch them, I have been asked which eight DVDs I would choose if I were to be stranded upon a desert island for the rest of my life –  Which eight could I comfortably watch over and over and over, never tiring of them, always crying at the sad bits, wincing at the violent bits and chuckling at the comedic bits?

It didn’t take me that long to decide. Here, in no particular order, are my eight all time favourites.

The Empire Strikes Back:

Arguably one of the best films of all time, the age-old battle between good and evil, complete with a hot ‘scoundrel’ in the form of Han Solo, some brilliant father-son bickering, a little romance and tiny Jedi Master. What more could you ask for?

The Proposal:

I saw this for the first time on a flight to NYC last year and I loved it. It made me laugh and cry, much to the consternation of the stranger beside me. You can knock her, but Sandra Bullock is the rom-com queen and I LOVE her. She is brilliant in this as the ball-breaking bitch boss who forces her long-suffering assistant to marry her to prevent her being deporting. It may be predictable, but it’s very re-watchable, enjoyable viewing.

Finding Neverland:

Few films have ever touched me the way that this one did. The true story of the wonderful J.M Barrie and his incredible imagination has me bawling more each time I watch it, just because I know where it’s headed. If ever there was a film to make you step back, take stock of your life, and set out to make it count, it’s this one. Although, how helpful that would be on a desert island is beyond me.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s:

There has to be a timeless classic in here, and they don’t get more classic than Audrey and George. The love story is real romantic Sunday afternoon in-front-of-the-fire viewing. Although again, whether I’d know it was Sunday is debatable, and I am sure access to a roaring fire would be limited.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

How could you not? Johnny Depp’s first foray into real mainstream movies and what a phenomenon. Talk about making a role your own. I’ve watched this movie countless times, and no matter how often I do, I always watch it until the end. Unusually for a trilogy, in this case the first one is absolutely the best. Plus, if anyone is going to inspire you to lash yourself to a pair of sea turtles and escape from your island, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Dark Knight:

Christian Bale’s god-awful gruff baritone notwithstanding, this has to be one of the most chilling and brilliant action movies ever made.  Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker secures him a place in the Baddie Hall Of Fame, almost in a league of his own, as he manages to dominate the screen even when he’s not on it. The sense of tense anticipation that prevails is not an easy thing to achieve. 

Walt Disney’s Alice In Wonderland:

Not the new 3D Tim Burton one, the old-style cartoon, with the pink Cheshire Cat, the furious blue caterpillar and the song that goes: “The little bread and butterflies kiss the tulips…” I loved this movie as a child and I still have the stuffed toys in the loft – indeed, until a few years ago, the Cheshire Cat was a permanent fixture on my hearth rug. When it comes to childhood nostalgia, much as I would be hard pushed to choose between Alice, Sleeping Beauty and the jungle Book, this has to be it

A Knight’s Tale:

Without question my favourite film, I have forced so many unwilling people to watch this, and always been able to crow in triumph when they admit they enjoyed it. This was the first thing I ever saw Heath Ledger in and it was love at first sight. Teamed with the brilliant literary references and Paul Bettany’s bang-on portrayal of Geoff Chaucer, this modern adaptation of what, to many, was a cumbersome A Level necessity is absolutely one of the best all-round entertainers I’ve ever seen.