Biceps, high heels and hot tubs

In cinema, Hollywood on June 4, 2010 at 9:43 am

I’ve always been a big fan of the escapism the cinema offers, and while there are occasional movies that I sit through and lament the time I’ve wasted, for the most part, I enjoy the whole experience, munching my Minstrels, watching the trailers, and ooh-ing and aah-ing with the best of them through whatever Hollywood blockbuster I’ve paid to see.

One of my particular favourites this year was Date Night, a movie that made me cackle my socks off with thorough enjoyment, and one I’ll be adding to the DVD collection for easy Saturday night entertainment, and I tend to go two or three times a month to get my fiction fix. Last weekend I went through movie mania – Sex And The City 2 with the girls (preceded by cocktails of course) and Prince of Persia with the boy.

SATC2 has endured a critcal slating, as if that was going to make a jot of difference to the thousands of women across the world who would make it an occasion to have a night with the girls. You either want to see it, or you don’t. None of us expected the Hurt Locker, we expected a few pithy jokes, a few scenarios we could relate to and a whole lot of fashion and fantasy that we could only dream of, and that is what we got, leave use be. Myself, my mum, Donna, Beki, Zoe and Jade loved it, and so did the rest of the rammed cinema if the hisses, gasps and cheers were anything to go by.

From sex to sand dunes, I uncomplainingly went to watch the Prince of Persia, based on the (apparently) very popular computer game. It’s kind of fantastical and exciting in an Indiana Jones/National Treasure way, but with benefits.

Both of them went some way toward making up for the travesty that was Hot Tub Time Machine, which was every bit as bad as it sounds, and will take quite some making up for.

  1. The Prince of Persia really wasn’t that bad, I was pleasantly surprised by it. My review

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