The art of self control

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm

So this is what happened earlier. I got a shiny cheque in the post for some work I did last month and I scuttled off to the bank to pay it in like a good little girl.

Then I toddled off to Argos to buy a new hairdryer since mine caught fire (I’m ok, hair slightly singed). It was reduced by £12, this delighted me, so I spent the difference (and a little bit more) on a new silver chain bracelet to thread my charms and beads onto after mine broke.

Then I strode purposefully back to my car, via Dorothy Perkins, where I caught sight of a rather lovely pair of patent shoes. I have a 25th anniversary meal this weekend, a client’s fashion show next weekend, and then a birthday (mine!) so I felt I could probably justify all of £30 for them. And £22 for the matching bag.

That’s all though. Then I got in the car and I came straight home. Won’t happen again, guv.

  1. That’s my kind of shopping, accidental. I’m so weak! Last weekend a pair of £200 Ugg boots accidentally fell into my hands and walked their way to the till. Whoops!

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