New Year 30s Style

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Months ago, I mean, literally MONTHS ago, myself, my boyfriend, and a group of our friends agreed to attend a 1930s themed ‘Putting on the Glitz’ new year’s eve party. We immediately started planning costumes, transport arrangements, breakfast plans…

So why, I wondered at 1pm on new year’s eve as I raced around the shops looking for a head-dress, was I so SPECTACULARLY disorganised?

Adam, of course, being the perfectionist that he is, had everything in hand and was all set to be mistaken for John Dillinger and arrested forthwith – fedora, tommy gun, waistcoat, spear-point shirt, the works.

John Dillinger?

I, however, had spent around £200 on dresses and still wasn’t happy.

In theory, it should have been simple. Think 1930s, think uber glam, think sexy starlet, and what have you got?

Betty Boop of course!!

I scoured the internet for costumes and found what I hoped would be the perfect solution – dress, stole, garter and wig, the works.

In theory, it should have been fantastic. The snow caused huge problems, as I couldn’t actually get said costume, but what could possibly go wrong? Eventually, I got my eager mitts on the outfit. It should have looked like this:

Needless to say, it didn’t. Not to put too fine a point on it, I was lacking a couple of vital assets. Three, if you count the amazing leg.

So, that’s all packaged up awaiting return details. Back to the drawing board. One l-o-n-g shopping day later, I’d been bullied by Adam, a sales assistant and various active changing room spectators, into buying a fabulous tassled number from Phase 8. Anyone who knows me will tell you that if I’d worn this, it wouldn’t have ended well – I’d have ended up with a half bald dress and tied to a chair. So, that had to go back too (credit only, no refund Gaaaah).

But Adam, genius that he is, having spent half of Christmas wide awake with a virus, made an amazing 3am discovery, a Coast 30s style dress on eBay, four miles away. the bidding war commenced.

48 hours later (December 30th, to give you some idea of the desperation), he won the auction with a princely £11.50 bid and we headed off to collect it. Perfect – cue horribly smug (albeit rightly so) boyfriend.

The head-dress hunt proved less successful, with me settling for a stylish jewelled peacock feather hair clip, and teaming the whole ensemble with a little fur shrug. Hurrah!

The event was fantastic – gangsters, tuxedos, pistols, monacles, pocket watches, cravats, sequins, feathers and top hats abound. JD Parties, the organisers of the event, staged this year at Edgbaston Cricker Ground, always deliver a fabulous evening with great food, entertainment, a charity casino, Highland piper and bacon butties after midnight.

Happy new year!


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