A little sparkle goes a long way

In cinema, fashion on January 18, 2011 at 4:52 pm

Since January’s shaping up to be such a bleak month so far – cold upon infection upon virus for my part – it’s difficult to motivate myself to make the effort. One of the problems with working at home is that unless I have a meeting, it’s too tempting to layer up my leggings and cosy knits.

And since the only place I’m going is the cinema, it doesn’t exactly call for skyscraper heels and slinky dresses. As a rule it’s jeans and little tops, or a jersey dress and boots if I’m really pushing the boat out. But if there’s one thing guaranteed to dress it up a little, and to attract more than a few compliments, it’s this necklace:

Caritaz clover pendant

The piece was a gift from my client Caritaz – the business created it to raise funds for victims of domestic violence, and 25 per cent of the cost of the pendant is donated to Refuge to support the charity in its work with abused women. So not only is it a glittering fashion statement, it’s also a symbol of support for those women.

It’s a great cause, and one that everyone who admires the piece is really impressed with.

The reason it attracts their attention in the first place of course is because it looks familiar… they’re always sure they’ve seen it somewhere before… and isn’t it like the one…

Carrie Bradshaw

Oh yes – it’s Carrie Bradshaw’s accessory of choice in Sex And The City 2.

As it happens, SJP isn’t wearing Caritaz’ piece; her necklace is gold, but she was the inspiration for this necklace, and being a silver gal, I much prefer it.

Based on the amount of attention and compliments I’ve received, it should be selling strong.

If you love it, buy it here.


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