In garden, home, Uncategorized on August 25, 2011 at 11:15 am

So this is how gardening works in our household:

Adam and I go to garden centre.

I choose nice pots, nice herbs and pretty flowers.

Adam spends four days in garden digging, mowing, composting and planting.

I sit in conservatory reading a book and occasionally saying words of encouragement.

This year, I made two exceptions:

1. I went to Chelsea Flower Show – see yesterday’s post about my spectacular lilies

2: I bought several tomato plants and planted a tomato garden.

Impressive huh?

You may mock, but take a look at it now – four months on.


I tell you what, I am turning into a positive gardening genius!

We’ve now reached this point – I have more tomatoes than we can possibly eat, even though we eat so many salads day in day out. So, since embracing my inner Monty Don was such a success, I have taken it upon myself to embrace my inner Domestic Goddess and start using them… I’ve found a recipe for tomato and basil soup in my Jamie’s 30 minute meals cook-book, so this weekend shall be largely taken up with making a batch. Fingers crossed it’s as simple as Jamie says…

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