Back to school (kind of)

In PR, random thoughts, shopping on August 26, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Much as I hate coming back from my holidays, lamenting the idle days, the blue skies, the blazing sunshine, and the general air of relaxation, I do love that ‘back to school’ feeling I get. Refreshed and content, I’m always far more positive and ready to launch myself into work again once I get back, but obviously that means I need all the right tools.

Just like when I was 11 I had to go and pick out a new pencil case and buy a new protractor and set square (like I EVER used them), so I have to go and buy a stack of crisp, posh new notebooks, ink, paperclips and files, as though I don’t have cupboards full at home, all of which, I fervently believe, will give me more pride in my work and make my clients think ‘oooh, she must be very good, look how smart her stationery is.’

I think it’s a common state of mind though – I know lots of people who love that ‘new start’ feeling – I get it at the beginning of the Autumn and on January 1st – the feeling of good intention, ambition and new challenges.

One step at a time though hey? I’ll make the first step to Paperchase.

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