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I’ve developed a new obsession. I’ve moved on from shoes, bags and earrings to wallpaper, colour-charts and cushions – albeit temporarily. I’ve officially declared war on The Boy’s House.

Since I moved in last year, I’ve cleaned out the cupboards (six-year-old salad dressing, anyone?), streamlined the shelves and introduced my Rosanna Bowles espresso cups and my martini glasses, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it’s time to go the whole hog and start from scratch. The outdated, and frankly hideous odd peach walls in the sitting room and kitchen (in his defence, a throwback from before he moved in) will soon be a thing of the past, and I can’t wait.

Unfortunately, our sitting room is a hotchpotch of nasty artex and dado rails, so naturally we’ve had to commission the services of a plasterer to give us the smooth canvas we need before I can let loose with my shades of caramel, coffee and teal and start layering textures. Man, plasterers are expensive – top tip kids, don’t bother going to university, learn a trade and you’ll be quids in.

So, as soon as the plaster is dry, I can choose my cool colourscheme, and then get stuck into the actual fun part – namely, choosing the cushions, fireplace, lamps and picture frames, before moving onto the next room – the bedroom.

Too much to ask?

I’m having daily rows about my need for a dressing table – I’ve long coveted Sindy’s dressing table and don’t think it’s unreasonable to want somewhere to store my perfume bottles and jewellery, and to be able to sit and do my hair and make-up in peace, is it? Add to that my desire for plush damson bedding and beautiful mirrors and accessories – oh, and a chandelier – to complete my boudoir, and I think I might have my work cut out.

It WILL happen

Sadly, the kitchen is a bigger, longer-term plan (largely because I’m not prepared to forego a holiday in favour of the house), but I have an interim plan to turn our sun-trap conservatory (plus side: beautiful space, negative points: scorching in summer, frostbite-inducing in winter) into a more usable space, after all, it’s such a waste to simply use it for plants and laundry drying, with bistro-style table and chairs, inspired by the gorgeous little coffee shops we visited in Italy, while updating the kitchen in cool retro kitsch style (again, I feel this needs to be done while Adam is out to avoid interferance.)

  I’ve picked out the styles, influences and trimmings that I want, and in a truly grown up way, resisted buying lamps and cushions until we’re done, other than having bought the fab blocked mirror we fell in love with in Dwell (note – it’s big we have to have it a different way up than planned) and a fantastic canvas of the Manhattan skyline to remind us of the great holiday we enjoyed in New York. But I’m always looking…

That said, if it’s not done by Christmas, I shall be most unhappy, since we’ve inadvertantly committed to making Christmas dinner for around 16 people. What?? We’ve discussed having a Christmas or New Year party this year, which is a whole new thing for me to get obsessive about, so it’s vital that I get Project H out of the way before developing a new obsession. Expect posts about canapes and guest lists in around three months (and hope to God we don’t host Christmas lunch, I can’t cope with that level of pressure.)

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