Flat out

In fashion, shopping on August 30, 2011 at 8:21 am

Something strange has happened to me. I’ve bought two pairs of flat shoes in the space of a week.

I’ve long been associated with my collection of skyscraper heels, but even I am recognising that as we get closer to Autumn, I’m going to spend more time in skinny jeans and less time in little dresses, so I felt that to bridge the gap between wedge sandals and warm boots, I’d better buy something a bit more suited to whizzing around shopping centres and so on, rather than tottering – which is fine for meetings, dinners and evenings, but less so for day-to-day wear. Yes, I am nearly 36 and it’s taken this long.

And so – I’ve bought two rather lovely pairs – purple patent ballerinas and a silver beaded pair. They’re pretty – nothing special – but MY, they’re comfortable.

I’m not sure I’m a convert though, I can’t see as far and I feel like a hobbit. That said, my toes don’t get those crushing, excruciating needles of pain that threaten to topple me after 15 minutes standing upright.

Nontheless, having seen these fabulous stripy shoes at Dune this month, I’m trying not to think about them.


Since they seem to be the only summer pair not reduced yet, I’m standing my ground until they are. Even I know that I’ll only wear them indoors until next May.

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