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In cosmetics, shopping on September 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm

I made a brilliant discovery this week. To me, Amazon has been the place to buy myriad books and the odd CD to cram into my already bursting boxes/shelves/space under the bed. But what I didn’t know, never having looked, is that you can buy make-up!

As someone who is an advertiser’s dream, and always buys the latest resins/primers/glossers etc etc, this was a revelation, and I’ll tell you why: As every woman knows, the day your concealer runs out is generally, without question, the day that your eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and tinted moisturiser run out. And while that’s all fine and dandy, because what could be better than shopping for lovely, clean, shiny new cosmetics, it works out hideously expensive.

I digress. Anyway, I now find that I can actually save not just pennies, but actual pounds, by ordering through Amazon.

Arriving in a fat little package this morning was my Benefit Hoola powder (RRP £23, to me: £9.99 –  I KNOW!!) and my magical Ooh La Lift eye brightener (RRP £16.50, to me: £6.99!!!). In the next day or so, I shall receive another fat little package, this time containing three gorgeous Urban Decay eyeshadows, which had I just bowled down to my friendly neighbourhood department store, would have cost me £39 but has in fact cost me…wait for it…£12!








It’s a bloody revelation, I tell you. Enough to render my Boots Advantage Card obsolete if I wasn’t so obsessed with accruing points for ‘a rainy day’.

Of course, the down side is that I’ll now end up buying all of the gorgeous things I manage not to ‘because I don’t really need it, and I’ve never really tried it’, on the basis that, well, why the hell not?

My quest for the Sindy-doll style dressing table becomes ever more important. After all, all this stuff is soooo pretty, I’m hardly going to shove it in a drawer am I?

PS – don’t you actually go and buy any of it, I don’t want them to sell out.


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