Kindle convert

In book, Uncategorized on September 19, 2011 at 9:21 am

Over the past couple of months I’ve debated the pros and cons of a Kindle:


  • No gorgeous tactile, vibrant, glossy covers
  • No more crisp scent of fresh, unturned pages
  • The loss of that feeling that there are only a few pages left before you’re bereft…


  • No more airline charges due to excessive baggage
  • No more watching helplessly as pages fall out and drift off due to overuse/hot and dry climates as the glue melts!
  • Not needing to allocate yet more space under the bed/in the study/in the attic/in my parents’ house

So, on my birthday last week, I was delighted when my boyfriend’s parents bought me a Kindle and I could stop procrastinating and mincing and just get on with it. And I am now very, very much in love with it.

The first realisation is I have a new, significantly more dangerous pro and con:


  • No longer will I have that sensation of ‘what to do now…’ when I come to the end of a book and don’t have anything new to try… a quick flick through the Kindle store and I can have a whole new selection delivered to my device in seconds courtesy of wifi and whispernet.


  • This is going to cost me a freakin’ fortune. Already, I’ve unwittingly spent around £60 on titles in just six days, and I’m usually fairly sensible on the book-buying front. Now, whenever I read a recommendation or a review, I’m going to act immediately, rather than making a note and remembering to browse Amazon or head to Waterstones.

Case in point – this week on Twitter, Jane Green recommended SJ Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep. I was in the middle of Helen Smith’s Alison Wonderland at the time, so quickly hit the Kindle store, bought the kindle book, and resumed my reading. Last night, on finishing Smith’s novel, I began Before I Go to Sleep. I’m hooked – my mind’s already played out 20 different endings and I can’t wait to resume it tonight.

I think I’ll have to get into the habit of limiting the amount I order, but next on my list is either Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – which I wanted to re-read before I watch the movie this weekend, or The Sick Rose by Erin Kelly – having finally read The Poison Tree last week, I can’t wait to read her next offeirng.

Oh, it’s going to be problematic, I can just tell. In the meantime, my parents can throw a party to celebrate getting their spare room back.


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