Grand Designs – part 1

In decorating, home, shopping on September 22, 2011 at 12:04 pm

A month or so ago, I announced that I’d declared war on The Boy’s house, and was preparing to turn interior designer for a while. We’ve had a few discussions about it, and the quotes for the plastering are in – they’re not cheap, and it’s going to take a lot of time and money to revamp our sitting room the way we plan to.

Adam is one of those people who goes by the ‘if it has to be done, do it properly, or not at all’ mantra. That’s fine, but when budget issues dictate that you can’t rip out a kitchen and start from scratch along with everything else, to my mind, a refresh is perfectly acceptable – a coat of paint, some new details, and a change is as good as a holiday. He’s still not on board, but I’m working on it.

I’m making headway… he was adamant we weren’t touching the bedroom – remember my plan to get rid of the boring white embroidered bedding, the non-descript pottery vases and vamp up the blah lilac wall with a rich damson shade? Courtesy of the Next vouchers I was given last week for my birthday, I bought deep aubergine bed linen and velvet, textured and Mongolian cushions, along with rich damson candles and diffusers for a vibrant contrast against the white woodwork of the window ledges. I made up the bed, arranged the candles, and didn’t say a word…

Grape stuff

“WOW” – that was the word he used when he came across it… Not “Er, I thought we’d agreed not to do this,” not “I don’t like it”, “It doesn’t work with the white” or even “You could’ve consulted me,” – just “WOW”. He’s now agreed that the room looks great and is happy for me to finish it off for the full effect. I’ve roped my rather meticulous mate Mark in to paint the wall for me, and I’m aiming to have the room finished within the next month, by which time, I’m hoping that we’ll have started stripping the sitting room walls and be one step closer to completion.

One down… two to go. Watch this space.


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