Going LaLa

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2011 at 2:56 pm


I have a new style crush. Five years ago, I was obsessed with Tiffany jewellery (the silver, affordable kind) and spent hundreds of pounds on it. Two years ago I developed a thing for Pandora and all things charming and shiny, and this month, I’ve been bowled over by LaLa Rocks.

Last night, LaLa Rocks held a showcase of its winter 2011 collection at The Wedding Club in Birmingham, and I joined lots of other ladies (and a few nervous looking men) there to see the different pieces for myself. I’d already got my eye on a dyed freshwater pearl bracelet, but after seeing the whole collection, I realise they’re a bit like Pokemon – you just have an insatiable need to collect them all.


I particularly like the pyrite and silver one, but I wouldn’t say no to the sparkle rock crystal one, the aquamarine one, the hematite one, the grey agate, the rose quartz, the amethyst… you get the picture.

While I prefer the classic styling with the 9 carat gold bead detail, the Howlite skull detail was getting a huge amount of attention.Looks like everyone’s planning to get their rocks on this Christmas!

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