(Not so) hot and bothered

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Another week, another saga. If you’re bored of reading about it, I assure you, it can’t be nearly as dull and depressing as living it.

All those things I said abot this project being completed by today; scratch that. We’ve encountered yet more setbacks. You know that fire we had fitted six weeks ago? This one?

It’s been covered up by black plastic ever since to protect it from plaster and paint, and this weekend was going to be its grand unveiling. We unveiled it to discover that in last week’s storms, water’s poured down the chimney, reacted with the soot and the resulting acid has dissolved the shiny black metal, leaving us with plates coated in rust. There’s a grand well spent. Getting an expert to clamber onto the roof is going to cost us even more, and there’s no guaranteeing he’ll be able to help once he’s there. Oh, and he’s coming on Friday. That’s the 23rd.

My chances of a cosy Christmas beside the fire are fast diminishing.

That said, we made definite progress on the decorating front this weekend. We’re currently here:

Chimney breast (and destroyed fire)


My would-be reading corner (with shiny new door)

Which gives us five days until our guests descend, and a considerable way to go. I grow weary of it.



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