Sharing the shabby chic love…

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2012 at 11:42 am

Six months has passed since the hellish ordeal that was renovating the living room, and a pretty hectic few months it’s been. Still, it means the experience has dissipated enough for me to start work on the next DIY project I’ve had earmarked for a while now – the kitchen…

Mr and Mrs Botchajob did an even worse job on the kitchen than they did on the offensive lounge – think vile orange walls, stained wood panelling and wonky, shonky cupboards… and you’ll still be a long way off envisaging it. For months I’ve been desperate to get my hands onto it and after a weekend of hard toil in the garden and clearing out the shed and utility, I took matters into my own hands, painting a stretch of wall, ripping down panels and stripping all the walls so that there was really no going back.


ImageAfter slapping a swift coat of paint over a chunk of panelling, painting the fire cavity and wine-rack white to prove my point, and a little sample and prop support for visualisation, we’re in business…

The problem with this particular project is that we have no budget, so it’s up-cycling all the way to turn the horrible orange and wooden hellhole into a shabby-chic oasis of calm.

So come the four-day weekend, and I shall be getting out my paintbrushes and paste table again to transform it into a caramel and duck-egg-blue haven before trawling vintage fairs and stores to find accessories and pictures to complement it.  Bring it on.


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