Memo to self: say nothing in future

In decorating, home on June 12, 2012 at 2:19 pm

As I predicted, the whole ‘let me up-cycle the kitchen as a fun weekend project’ idea has been well and truly hijacked and has now escalated to such a point that I am considering just moving out and living on my own free from brick dust and interference.

Despite my having painted the cabinets and the wood panels, replaced all the handles and having bought paint and paper for the walls, my painstakingly painted cupboards have now been removed from the walls (along with the tiles, with not a thought that we hadn’t even started looking for replacements) and – joy – a wall has been demolished so that the alcove is no more. This is to make room for the enormous American style fridge freezer that we’re now having instead of recessed painted shelving to store and showcase all of my cocktail glasses and Rosanna Bowles J’adore les shoes crockery as previously discussed.

From this:                                                                                To this: 

Beautiful crockery that deserves to be seen…

Massive metal box.











Because as we all know, nothing fits in with a vintage style kitchen like a massive metal ice maker, does it?




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