Jump starting January – Happy new year!

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm

Crazy start to the year – and I’m not complaining.The first January after I set up my own company was the quietest, most worrying month I’ve ever known, and ever since I’ve been worried that the same thing would happen year on year, particularly with the constant doom and gloom press around the state of the economy.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons in 2012, wasted a lot of time and energy on projects that were not worth the grief and effort they caused, and gave too many people the benefit of the doubt and allowed myself to be made a fool of too many times – not this year! Mistakes are learning platforms, not something that should become the norm.

So 2013 marks a new start for Faith! I’ve made the usual new year promises to myself about my personal life and my business life, but the most important one, for both, is to get my finances in order, and to make sure I started on the right track, I’ve been following Penny Golightly’s Jump Start 2013 to the letter to help me do it – a step by step, easy to follow guide to doing essential admin and organising your life and finances in one fell swoop – within days I’d discovered a policy I’ve been paying for that I don’t need, a standing order to a charity that I forgot I supposedly supported (had been a Christmas gift) and cancelled my monthly subscription to a wine club and my weekly Graze boxes, all of which equates to getting on for £50 a month. GO ME!

I spent most of yesterday getting the boyfriend to do the same thing – filing paperwork, checking outgoings, clearing out drawers right through to carrying out a wardrobe cull to give those clothes that no longer fit or that aren’t liked to charity.

It’s amazing how much peace of mind the simplest of tasks can give you, but if we can stick to it through January (the hardest part is definitely going to be Tenner Week where we each have to try and live on £10 for the week!) I think it’ll become something we do every six months to keep us on track.

I love starting the year feeling so virtuous!

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