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Lay off Claire!

In gym, health on January 25, 2011 at 1:57 pm

I was annoyed to see a vicious newspaper report today attacking Claire Sweeney for putting a little weight on. I’ve met and interviewed Claire a couple of times and a more pleasant, friendly and down-to-earth lady you could not wish to meet.

Claire Sweeney - lovely as she is

Claire bravely took part in a TV experiment a couple of years ago where she ate whatever she liked for six weeks and assessed the damage done to her figure, her health and her self confidence. I caught up with her after the experiment as she struggled to shift the last half stone, and she was shocked at how awful she’d felt, and the way the press had gleefully reported on her shape as she conducted the diet investigation.

She admitted how disciplined and strict she has to be with herself regarding her exercise and her portion control, and it bothered me that someone so gorgeous and talented could feel so judged and bullied. We live in a pretty vicious society and much as I, and other women, feel rubbish when we’ve put a couple of pounds on, at least we haven’t got to worry about some snapper hiding nearby, keen to grab a shot of us oiling ourselves up on the beach or tucking into a burger once in a lifetime.

Claire’s just lovely as she is. Lay off.