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Memo to self: say nothing in future

In decorating, home on June 12, 2012 at 2:19 pm

As I predicted, the whole ‘let me up-cycle the kitchen as a fun weekend project’ idea has been well and truly hijacked and has now escalated to such a point that I am considering just moving out and living on my own free from brick dust and interference.

Despite my having painted the cabinets and the wood panels, replaced all the handles and having bought paint and paper for the walls, my painstakingly painted cupboards have now been removed from the walls (along with the tiles, with not a thought that we hadn’t even started looking for replacements) and – joy – a wall has been demolished so that the alcove is no more. This is to make room for the enormous American style fridge freezer that we’re now having instead of recessed painted shelving to store and showcase all of my cocktail glasses and Rosanna Bowles J’adore les shoes crockery as previously discussed.

From this:                                                                                To this: 

Beautiful crockery that deserves to be seen…

Massive metal box.











Because as we all know, nothing fits in with a vintage style kitchen like a massive metal ice maker, does it?




How to have your project hijacked: do it over a bank holiday

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2012 at 10:25 am

So, I thought it was too good to be true. Four days off, and so much progress made on my revamped kitchen project… all of the cabinet doors have been hand-painted and been given new handles, while all of the nasty wood panelling and the boiler cupboard has been revitalised in caramel paint.


ImageI’d got Adam to agree that we’d fit shelves in the alcoves for our cookbooks and my Le Crueset casseroles, and we’d agreed that we’d replace the floor with vintage smoked elm boards. I could actually see it all in my mind’s eye.

But then, Adam decided to chisel all the tiles from the walls.


This is what happens when you let someone else get involved

Don’t get me wrong, they were ugly, but they were a million times better with the new white cupboards as opposed to the wooden ones. But, as I knew it would, this new development led to the following scenario

A: ‘That looks so much better, doesn’t it?’

F: ‘It’s bare plaster with chunks missing.’

A: ‘We’ll have to get it skimmed and then we’ll put new tiles up.’

F: ‘You’ve wrecked the cooker.’

A: ‘Well we’ll get a new cooker too.’

Five minutes later:

A: ‘We could get all of the walls skimmed.’

Two hours later:

A: ‘We could just buy new cupboards?’

So, my project has transformed from upcycling the kitchen with paint and accessories to us spending thousands on new electricals, plastering, tiling and, I expect, new cupboards, meaning that all the money, not to mention the three full days, I spent preparing and painting the cabinets was a complete waste of time.


My end result of phase one – but was it all in vain?

Sad face.

Loving Lily’s work

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2012 at 11:03 am

Much as I’m enjoying making headway with the big kitchen DIY project, the fun part of revamping rooms, obviously, is the accessorising and shopping part, much more exciting than the wallpapering and painting.  Earlier this week I went to a vintage afternoon tea in aid of St Mary’s Hospice and as well as scoffing cakes and champagne and buying raffle tickets, I did a little browsing for new stuff to bring my new look kitchen to life.

While I’m pretty pleased with the canvas memo-board I bought to replace the boring old cork one, my real find of the day were Lily Flame candles

As well as being super-cute in their little labelled tins, the scents of these candles, made in Somerset, are just to die for. I bought three – Parma Violets, which instantly transported me back to being six, Coffee Galore, which is so strong, and so delicious that your tastebuds instantly start craving caffeine, and lavender and lime, which I think is heavenly, and the boy dismissed as ‘smelling like soap.’

 Image Image

So while I may be jumping the gun a bit, at least I know that once the painting is finished, I have just the thing to chase the smell away…

Sharing the shabby chic love…

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2012 at 11:42 am

Six months has passed since the hellish ordeal that was renovating the living room, and a pretty hectic few months it’s been. Still, it means the experience has dissipated enough for me to start work on the next DIY project I’ve had earmarked for a while now – the kitchen…

Mr and Mrs Botchajob did an even worse job on the kitchen than they did on the offensive lounge – think vile orange walls, stained wood panelling and wonky, shonky cupboards… and you’ll still be a long way off envisaging it. For months I’ve been desperate to get my hands onto it and after a weekend of hard toil in the garden and clearing out the shed and utility, I took matters into my own hands, painting a stretch of wall, ripping down panels and stripping all the walls so that there was really no going back.


ImageAfter slapping a swift coat of paint over a chunk of panelling, painting the fire cavity and wine-rack white to prove my point, and a little sample and prop support for visualisation, we’re in business…

The problem with this particular project is that we have no budget, so it’s up-cycling all the way to turn the horrible orange and wooden hellhole into a shabby-chic oasis of calm.

So come the four-day weekend, and I shall be getting out my paintbrushes and paste table again to transform it into a caramel and duck-egg-blue haven before trawling vintage fairs and stores to find accessories and pictures to complement it.  Bring it on.